Sophiano has been producing garments for 20 years in Krasnodar. Its work branches in two directions, producing its own brand of children's clothing and offering sewing services for customer-provided materials (through contract production). The company is listed in the Krasnodar region's registry of manufacturers, bearing the quality label «Made in Kuban».

Sophiano Garment Production has its own factory workshop, located in the former worsted cloth mill. It specializes in contract apparel production for ateliers, independent designers, and clothing brand owners. In addition to this, it designs its own brand of children's clothing. But it wasn't always that way.

Sophiano's story began in 1995, with the humble sewing of a pair of trousers at home. Over time, the company added to their production capacity, abilities, and expertise. Belief in a talented team, a dream of improving the garment industry from within, and love for beautiful clothing of high quality helped Sophiano to surpass all obstacles.

The production team is like a family — genuine, like-minded people who have been working together for many years. If you asked the production team, customers, and partners about the company, they would say: "Sophiano is clothing, belief, and love."



History of the company

The history of Sophiano Garment Production began in 1995. At that time, it was a small atelier in Krasnodar sewing pants at home. Two years later, the work continued in a rented space. But by 2000, Sophiano had its own building. Production has taken place in the renovated factory workshop of the former worsted cloth mill since 2008.

Now Sophiano offers a complete garment production life cycle, with 20 years of experience and a greater production capacity than many garment factories in the Krasnodar region. Our company's three main values are: rich experience in sewing apparel, diversified employee skills, and the desire to support emerging designers. Sophiano fulfills contract apparel production for ateliers, independent designers, and clothing brand owners, providing an outsourced production process system. In addition to this, we design our own brand of children's clothing. The company is listed in the Krasnodar region's registry of manufacturers.

In other words, Sophiano is an expert sewing assistant.

Key company characteristics:

  • Complete production life cycle: from design to sewing a prototype/sample to producing an industrial or wholesale batch
  • Support for both small- and large-volume orders, crucial for independent and emerging fashion designers
  • All intellectual rights to prototype and sample development pass to the customer after full payment
  • Production capacities (the amount of equipment and availability of specialized machines) exceed that of standard garment production and are designed to produce 10-15,000 products per month, depending on product complexity
  • The average price range and the cost of sewing are dependent upon product complexity. Cost is determined per piece for sample development, dependent upon product complexity and the batch quantity
  • Wholesale cost is determined per 100 units (increased rates will be applied to less than 100 units). Bulk order discounts provided
  • Diversified employee skills: it's possible to sew any outer garment
  • Vast practical experience and expertise that can be useful for emerging fashion designers
  • Mentorship, guidance, and support for emerging designers

Sophiano brand values

  1. High quality clothing construction
  2. Trending designs
  3. Requiring professionalism for all employees
  4. Attentiveness to customers and understanding order specifications
  5. Active support of emerging apparel brands and designers
  6. Socially-conscious production that is kind to the environment

Friendly, responsible, and cohesive team

Brand promise 

Precise and comprehensive professional sewing assistance when you really need it.

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